"Dear McAir,

I would like to congratulate you guys for a very professional operation. I obtained my ASEL at another airport, and I can tell you all that flying with McAir is almost like flying with the airlines in comparison. I work with other pilots at Boulder County, and I always stick out my chest with pride when I tell them who I fly with. The service you guys give to both we pilots, and the fleet, makes it truly a professional operation."

- Bruce K.


McAir Management Staff

Learn to flyJohn Wiltfang
Chief Financial Officer
McAir ManagementGary Hulme
Chief Operations Officer
Flight instructionLuke "Big Dog" Collison
General Manager
Chief flight instructorJustin Wigal
Chief Flight Instructor

Flight Training ManagementBrad Mrosla
Client Services
Dispatch Manager

Learn to Fly ManagementDanny Nystrom
Client Services
Dispatch Manager




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